Management of innovation export issues

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Your needs
Demonstrate the added value of your innovation
Submitting your project for financing
Set up an R&D process and a technological and competitive intelligence system

Our solutions
Technical review or competitive analysis

Innovation diagnosis and identification of the most interesting funding opportunities for your company

Project proposal writing


Your needs

Generate ideas

Go from idea to realization

Adequacy between the product and the market
Solving a technical or export problem
Raising awareness of sustainable development issues

Responsible innovation

Our solutions



Inovately expert RD


Your Needs

Increase your competitiveness

Communicating and negotiating

Anticipate or resolve operational problems

Our solutions

Specific information to your product

Study of your technological advantage for the international market and  anticipation of difficulties and risks

Support during export operations

Among our areas of intervention



Medical devices, surgical equipment, medical and pharmaceutical technologies, innovations in oncology


Biosensors, immunosensors, environmental sensors, diagnostic kits, analytical systems



Biological and biodynamic processes, agricultural technologies, water technologies, environmental biotechnology 


Therapeutic molecules, dyes, food and cosmetic substances, packaging, biomaterials

Assets of our team

Experienced consultants (field experience between 10 and 20 years)

Tailor-made services for your projects in France and abroad

Trusted complementary partners 

Who are our clients

Our clients are entrepreneurs who develop products and services that have a positive impact on society and the environment. We help them push the boundaries to change the future.


Our inputs

Reinforced expertise

We help you understand the scope of innovation and explore new opportunities.

Increased capacity for innovation

Our strategic watch allow you to define efficient roadmaps for your projects and to mobilize technological, financial and complementary resources according to your needs and objectives.

Development without borders

We assist you in gathering information, defining an internationalization plan and its implementation.

A dynamic and committed team

We intervene to optimise collaborative processes, build a high-performance team and increase the visibility of your commitments and your company.

Let’s meet to define the best tailor-made strategy for you.

Our agency is growing. We are scientists and strategists engaged for sustainable growth.

We are continually expanding our network of partners, so don’t hesitate to join us.

Strategic agenda

In 2017, the business sector accounted for 65% in France, 66% in the European Union and more than 70% in OECD countries of total R&D expenditure (Source: OECD-MSTI 2019-1 – MESRI – SIES).

Research and innovation are at the heart of national and European strategy (Reference: MESRI). R&D efforts contribute to meeting technological and societal challenges.

The first source of growth for SMEs and mid-cap companies is export at 66%, followed by innovation at 63% and domestic demand at 61%.
(Reference: 1ère édition du Bilan Export des PME et ETI 2019)