June 19

What if nanotechnology brings the solution to the coronavirus crisis?

The understanding of molecular systems of SARS-Cov-2 is an urgent difficulty to assist the search of brand-new drugs and preventive steps. Biosensors and degradable nanomaterials are novel approaches that might bring a rapid option to the pandemic crisis.

Are nanoscale picking up tools effective?

Nanodiagnostic systems for COVID-19 are gaining attention since they might be a fascinating option to conventional medical diagnosis tests. The main difficulty is to design a delicate and quick tool with regards to the long incubation duration and high infectivity of the infection.

Status of nanodiagnostic systems for COVID-19 Review

The role of biosensors and nanoscale analytical tools in pandemics Review

What about neutralizing the infection?

Zhang and partners (2020) report that cellular nanosponges will be able to neutralize the virus. These nanosponges are made of the plasma membranes obtained from human lung epithelial type II cells or human macrophages.

Reducing the effects of the infection in order to make it not able to contaminate cellular target is an alternative to drug development.


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